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Texas BBQ with
a Mexican twist

About us

For Clay and Susan Caldwell, barbecue is so much more than serving a customer a meal. Every tray that leaves the line is a result of countless hours of expert Texas-style smoking and homemade sides that leaves you craving more. Multiple Texas BBQ tours brought Clay out of retirement to open the award-winning Caldwell County BBQ. “It’s just that what they’re doing in Texas is exceptional.” Each time he returns from Texas, Clay has brought more knowledge and expertise to an already remarkable BBQ. Once again Clay and Susan, partnered with his son Spencer and his wife Alisa, a proven organization drawing on each of their strengths.

During one specific Texas tour, Hurtado’s BBQ from Arlington, TX was in the lineup. Real Texas BBQ with a Mexican twist. The idea had Clay and Susan on fire with possibilities. They brought the concept back to their general manager and expert chef of Mexican cuisine--Julio Coronado. Together Clay and Julio immediately returned to Texas to revisit and study the concept, including conversations with the pitmaster. With Hurtado’s as the inspiration, Caldwell County Mexi-Q was born. Clay and Julio came back to Arizona and began conceptualizing Mexi-Q; combining Caldwell’s award-winning BBQ with Julio’s expertise in authentic Mexican food. Just north of downtown Gilbert’s amazing restaurant district was a property that seemed the perfect fit for this concept to blossom. Our beautiful modern farmhouse atmosphere provides a welcoming environment with indoor and outdoor dining. You are going to love our birria brisket tacos and tostadas, our famous Mexi-Q Twinkie (brisket stuffed jalapeño wrapped in bacon) as well as our unique Mexican sides, including eloté and calabacitas. Top it all with our red and green homemade salsas that create a gustatory experience for the palate.

If you are just in the mood for straight up Texas-style BBQ, Caldwell’s is there for you. We offer our famous beef brisket (slow-cooked for 20 hours until it is tender and moist), our tender, fall- off-the-bone St. Louis ribs that spare nothing on flavor, or our Caldwell County BBQ’s pulled pork with a simple rub of salt, pepper, and garlic that lets the natural flavor of the meat come through.

We believe Caldwell County Mexi-Q will not disappoint with our simple back-to-basics Texas-style BBQ crossing the senses with an authentic Mexican flair.